i have been making movies since i was 11… Recording music videos from RAGE to VHS cassette was my first time using videos .


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keeping it real all day

This is for those from broken homes for those
On the open rd moving dope in o.s,
For those using a suitcase for a wardrobe
For those dealing 2 afford clothes
for my homies- who chose bros before hos

For those who said I could stay over when
when I had no home to go tah
for those holding the fort down-
for those who don’t speak to po-
those who speak in street code’s
for those with cancer and no answer

the man who doesn’t think outside the box stays there


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im down with all races.

If u aint wearin a black robe
don’t judge me
if you aint Koori, don’t tell me go back to my own country!

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