Pizza gate???? Pizza is code for pedofiles.. Wikileaks revelation!!!!

“I found some underwear I think it’s Pizza related ..” emails hacked and the truth is shocking!!!

The greatest “trick” of satan is that he has made most people believe that he doesn’t exist. These intergenerational satanic child sex cults have been going on for years. Unfortunately, most people who are “asleep” would refuse to believe that the people they look up to in government, entertainment and religion, are the very people perpetrating these rituals and torturing animals and children to death.I despise them. I know that Jesus is real, and with good there is evil. Satan knows his time is now, and the more depravity the better. Ted Gunderson from the FBI, now deceased, gave some great talks and interviews on the subject. Two interviewees, Cathy O’Brien and Brice Taylor, both have stories from the White House and the Clintons.There is also an interview, it’s at least 15 years old, with a 15 year old girl, and her experiences, which are far beyond shocking but true all the same. When people think of religion, they tend to think of Christianity, Catholicism and the Muslim faith. They don’t want to believe that the satanic church is getting stronger and stronger, whilst Christianity less so. I can’t wait for Jesus to come and destroy everything so he can “make all things new again”. Amen to that!

One thought on “Pizza gate???? Pizza is code for pedofiles.. Wikileaks revelation!!!!

  1. Satanists have infiltrated every institution from government, hospitals, military, police, schools etc… I know the symbolism used and their worship of numbers so see it EVERYWHERE especially in all of these false flag operations, the occult symbols and numbers are not coincidence but many people who claim to be awake will pass it off as the ranting sir a lunatic! A great man by the name of Mark Passio said “unless you understand the world of the occult, the teachings of the occult and the knowledge the occult world is hiding from humanity you are not awake”

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