So your awake ay?……….. Sheep..?


Happy birthday for yesterday Ads! You share the same birthday as my mum. I see your posts on Facebook. Good to know others are awake and not so conditioned about the elite or illuminates agenda.

08/15/2014 3:17am

haha! your awake aye? true that. good on you.. you must be the only filo girl in BRIZ to know about the agenda! tell your mom happy bday! i tell you something really trippy…. i was in the Philippines last year for 4 months right.. and in that time i read the paper everyday… Now, did you hear about the PORK BARREL SCAM??? Well, someone in the governement found out about this secret fund, which had 10 billion pesos of the peoples tax money in it. That someone also had the names of every corrupt official and how much they recieved out of this fund. 10 billion shared between mayors, politicians, and there families… So the media was in a frenzy! The people wanted to fire the entire government! SO they organised a million people march, but only 50,000 people marched the first time…. OK, this is where it gets trippy… have you looked into weather control yet? and HAARP? well, the governement got scared- they were BUSTED HARD! i was reading the paper thinking holy shit, how the fuck are they going to get out of this!!! A MILLION angry filopinos marching the streets… nobody can stop that. So what happens? the day after reading that article a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hits CEBU. And the city crumbles… i was in it! i was in a hotel, it was 9 am. and it was fucking hectic! i went from one side of the room to the other, it sounded like a massive semi trailer driving passed your house really fast but for an entire minute … Suddenly there was panic! and the people needed the governments help, so the front page of the paper changed over night… The front of the hotel came off, the church down the road totally collapsed, aswell as entire neighborhoods … now it gets trippier…. the U.S has HAARP ships right… a year ago u couldnt find info on this shit… these ships which sail around the world can generate storms, and earthquakes sending a frequency into the sky or the earth…now. a month after the earthquake people started questioning the PORK BARREL again… A week later the biggest TYPHOON in the history of the WORLD hits the Philippines… 4 million homeless overnight. fucking scary shit.. i was lucky i got home back to AUS 2 days before typhoon haiyan hit The Phils! otherwise i would have been stranded for a while.. anyways – bedtime . peace

08/15/2014 6:09am

Holy shit! Wow – yes I have read about weather control and HAARP and at the time of the typhoon in the Philippines I wasn’t “awake” I had no idea. But eventually I read up on that side of the agenda where they are capable of weather control and put it all together. Cebu is my home town and yes the largest earthquake in history obviously creates even MORE poverty (the poorer get poorer), death, illness, disease. This is what the elite of the world want to happen and in the Philippines. Because of the worlds population control, they want to de-populate. So they create a “natural disaster” (we rather control) and de-pop lunate that way. They look at the poor people of the world as “USLESS eaters” so they need to eradicate that. There was also a “conspiracy theory” about the US sending in medicine to the affected city’s and town in the Philippines that was actually permanent birth control. This is also to de-populate in the Philippines because Philippines have strong christian faith and one of the biggest countries not to use birth control or abortion. Then that’s where the Paul Walker conspiracy theory comes in where he found this out through his aid and he died in apparent accident. I read up on history, Zionism, entertainment industry, government as far as David Icke and the lizard people. I can go on for days. I try to explain or teach people who are not awake and it’s hard when they are so conditioned and won’t wake up! I’m not even a stoner get into this I just read up on it!

08/15/2014 10:21am

true true… u cant covert the sheeple, most people are into sport, or work too much to even contemplate how the system works .mum says CEBU still having hectic after shocks, crazy.. i fear the worst for my fellow Filo’s. i guess i awoke back when i started hustling, U.A.V’s used to follow me and my crew around, always at night.. And when i heard about the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles U.A.V’s from my boys in the game, i thought fuck off man.. as if planes are following you!. Till i saw them with my own eyes. We used to drive to the coast and watch these shiny dots follow us everywhere. fly over our houses all night. it was scary as questioning my reality – whether i was sane or trippin?? till i started researching i found out that Queensland was testing grounds for UAV’s. 7 years later everyone knows about UAV drones now, you can even buy remote planes for under 1k with inbuilt cameras on em. makes me think how advanced they must be, …. I learned about whether control when i stumbled across a post when i was looking at HAITI earthquake pic’s, like 6 years ago.. i was like nah.. as if they can control the weather… then i saw a doco where a guy actually makes a cloud in a glass jar using frequencys only.. hectic! obviously that video has gone now… but try and download JESSE VENTURA CONSPIRACY THEORY season 1 and 2. Its hard to find these days on the web but kickasstorrents site has it. They trying to kill his integrity now. He was ex govenor, and a war hero turned – book writer filmaker. anybody who speaks up against tyranny is considered a terrorist… have you heard of BIll cooper? he has the most powerful book – u can get it on amazon, its called “behold the pale horse”. Bill cooper was in charge of guarding top secret classified information. Long story short – he photocopied all this info. and put it into a book – and ultimately he was shot and killed. but the book is still out there.. its hectic. david ike is one of my heros for sure! love his story. i listen to Alex Jones alot these days too.. We need to make an Australian INFOWAR channel… get people to wake up! fuck the system! !
i got that book on pdf have a flick through it one day. 🙂
(Ebook – English) William Cooper – Behold a Pale Horse.pdf
Thanks for the e-book and reference! They are preparing for the me world order, the one world government. People like us who believe in freedom and want to keep our civil rights will suffer or be killed. Christians and religious groups too. They believe in one religion which will be their religion. We pretty much will be controlled in our lifetime, I don’t even have a game plan but if am so awake. I read up and watch Mark Dice, David Icke and Alwx Jones. There are a few more sites I read and just open my mind to what is real and the shit they spin in the media. They are becoming more and more obvious now than previous years because they don’t care and already have control of the world. Entertainers and politicians are using the world as their stage as puppets. We do need an Australian InfoWar! Also they have set up FEMA concentration camps around the world. There is on on the Gold Coast. Yeah no everyone knows about drones and laugh about it but this shit is serious. Abbot and Australian govt spent 7BILLION on surveillance for “crime” but it’s not it’s for control… Australians don’t even know this… Because they keep it out of the media spotlight

08/18/2014 10:39am

cant wait to see what happens with the upcoming GLOBAL summit. Its going to get hectic- hopefully il be back to capture some the ELITE on camera. 7 billion on surveillance? jesus h christ. UAV drones will be everywhere. I know they are already there- i know they can watch anyone through there phones, listen to anyone without phones being on. My mate just got locked up because of that, the police told him “we were in the room with you the whole time” because his phone was always on.. he was stupid.. Australian journalism oh my god…. rubbish , absolute bullshit. Its so depressing. Its like the ice epidemic spreading all of a sudden?? just comes out of nowhere! suddenly its flooded the market! And extacy?? It comes in the scene, then all of a sudden totally disappears! I think extacy was brought in to distract populations from 9/11 and the war in Afghanistan. What will be next?

08/18/2014 1:11pm


I know right, well call me paranoid but they can read, hear, see fucking everything!! I know I’m looking forward to the g20 summit too and of all the places it’s in OUR home turf! Lol!

08/20/2014 4:58am

i know ay- of the whole world they chose brisbane because of its clem 7 tunnel and easy to manage security

08/20/2014 11:47am

I never thought of it that way.. They are also blocking all phone and Internet connection in the city and surrounding areas. Some sort of barring during the g20. Honestly all these subliminal messages on tv, radio and online have been around for decades but now it’s so fucking obvious they are not even trying to his it. And the sheep are dumb enough to copy their favourite new artist who are all puppets. I listen to all the new shit now but make sure it doesn’t brainwash me. It’s all about mind controlling the masses.

08/20/2014 1:41pm

how dumbed down is music today? its aimed at mindless teenagers- promoting gays, slutty girls with no morals- it isnt cool for a man unless u wear tight ball hugging jeans- and dance like a faggot in the club, no substance or originality anymore…. the symbolism in the music vids, disturbing- fucken lady ga ga- … pitbull, ! DRAKE!!!! god damn i hate that cunt.. the pretty boy puppet entertainers… i dont know how its all going to unfold.. but real hip hop/rap stays underground.. so im sweet- but R&B is extinct. our generation was the last to have real music.. what are they saying on the radio> ? shits gonna be hectic! i heard they have plain clothed officers, and women are to be frisked by male police no question asked. And i heard they gave the known felons extra dole pay to move out of the areas surrounding the city…. shit….fucken sheeple! my god… have u looked into transhumanism yet? mixing our stem cells with lizards, and creating human hybrids.? they are walking amongst us and have been since the 60s. the ebola virus now hitting africa ? wiping the slate clean of blacks. . . . sadly i had the swine flu injection. i did it cos my lil brother was sick.. so i know my days are numbered, nobody i know had it…. have u heard of burning man? the big dance party where they burn an effigy of a man like 5 stories high? my ex was a nurse, and she used to tell me hectic stories….. my best mate died last year- 25 years old. doctor said he had cancer. 4 operations later, still couldnt fix him.. he was supposed to die in a year, but the crystal kept him alive.. they wanted him to become a vegetable.. i was really interested in the treatment… kemo didnt do anything but make him sicker.. when i went to the fils last year he passed away.. i learned that he a closd casket… The doctors gave him so many pills he was vegetable. communicating with his eyes.. its fucked to think about it… the doctors killed him. Survival of the fittest. I was concerned about constipation a few years ago… so i thought HOLY SHIT i might have cancer! So i called up for a colonoscopy.. the waiting list was 6 months.. in that 6 months i learned about fruit being the number one remedy.. They dont say that anymore… when they called me up to go to the appointment i was like no……. i dont think so… And the lady was shocked! She was so concerned… I was like no again.. “Are you sure????” I think 30 years ago, they didnt have micro cameras they could shove up your ass… and people lived till they were old. 1 out of 33 people had cancer- now its 1 out of 3. they SAY!!! So if i got cancer so be it… im not gonna give the governement 100 grand for treatment that’l make me worse and put my family in debt.. ? So many cases of misdiagnosed cancer patients its ridiculous . CANCER! everywhere you fucking look CANCER! every fucking TV show ! its either about COPS, LAWYERS, DOCTORS, or BROKEN FAMILIES, OR SURVIVAL.
the family unit they want to destroy and create anarchy. !!

08/20/2014 3:45pm

I’ll have to read up on that when I get a chance. I’ve read about David Ickes lizard people and researched about reptilian shape shifters!! Which I believe to some extent! Sorry to hear about your friend. And your on point about kemo. The governments illegalised canabis after heavy research that it is the cure for cancer so the govt can make more money through kemo and their own pharmaceutical drugs! That’s really scary about the male officers! Fuck I have to have a game plan!
Yeah I listen to a lot of the underground rap too and they are on our wavelength tapping about the truth of the world. Vinnie Paz and Immortal Technique. They are no where near as famous as Drake (I hate him, JayZ and Kanye) because they won’t become puppets rapping about all the satanic shit and mind controlling the masses. Radio and tv have now changed frequencies to up the effect of mind control. The music industry have been doing it for years but now the satanic movement is so strong from gaga to Katy perry. They are all puppets and so are all the famous entertainers on the worlds stage. So you also know soy about all the other societies like freemasonry? Alister Crowley is also another interesting man to read about with his connections to the rich and famous and politicians in his time. That’s JayZ’s idol pretty much that’s why music now is all satanic and steering away from purity. The devil is roaming the earth. Don’t know if you have faith in jesus but I do and this all in the end of the day has to do with the revelations in the second coming of Christ. I’m not a churchie but …. I have strong faith… We will all have RFID chips in our lifetime.. We will be monitored and controlled… Etc

06/14/2015 12:09pm

Yep. The world is millions of years old.. It will be destroyed and rebuilt again.. Its all happening everyday .. From alquida to isis – confusing everyone.. Even here in HK. The news shows Isis!!!! U know about agenda 21? Everything we’ve been told is questionable.. Only with my two eyes do I perceive truth. .my mum took me to church .. I was baptized. Confirmation . Eucharist …. She raised me from very young to pray before I sleep.. And I still do. Every time I’m in trouble or lost I automatically talk to god .. Habit aye.. Now I’m older . .and I seen the pope wave … Big fucking deal.. ? ? The Vatican … Wtf??? I seen the bible re write itself .. How many times???? The Quran however .. Can never be rewritten because its in Arabic .. My muslim friends converted me to Islam.. I been praying in the mosk.. It’s the safest place u can go to.. The bible says man shall not marry man.. But now gays are getting married in catholic churches. So fuck Jesus. . I used to wear a cross .. Never would again. . u know why I like Islam?? Because in the Quran (which means recital) it talks about paradise after you die.. In detail. The bible doesn’t tell u about judgment coming at the end.. Jayz … Tell me about it . but his first album and the blueprint album were fucking classic! He controls universal music, now which controls rhianna, and so on.. .. Farkkkk I hate drake.. What a joke .. . U can see like me, that they are killing hip hop , why?? Cos its truth. 2pac, Dr dre had his son killed, easy e got injected with aids, .. Eminem’s best friend proof was killed.. Hence why eminems wearing a pyramid medallion now.. .. Religion controls the Masses… After 16 years of
Listening to rap.. I learned so much u could never learn in a book or the internet… So the plan is to project terror until we accept our loss of civil liberties.. My uncle died in the fils, 2/weeks ago.. After only 2 years of taking the ‘doctors’ medication.. For his supposed ‘ high blood pressure!’ .. Farkkkk. Those pills shut down his insides.. 3 operations .. Big $$$$ .. He died… Where?? In the hospital! Nobody dies at home anymore..
Anyways I’m sorry for late reply.. I am coming home next month. Keen to do that photo shoot with you..
Lifestyle style shoot
We can talk then
And I’ll tell u what happens .. Haha .peace

06/14/2015 4:01pm

I totally understand all of the above of what you wrote I’ll write back later tonight about my thoughts man we can both talk about this shit for hours hahah
Yeah let me know when your back and we can catch up and do a shoot that would be sick 😊
Take care of yourself over there and hit me up when your back 😊

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