‘Imagine a Mosquito drone that can carry Smallpox or Ebola to an entire Army ! One tiny weapon that can kill thousands or millions.

They could be equipped with surgical lasers, to tunnel thru your brain in the middle of the night. Maybe it has a lethal injection, or an implant that reprograms you to drive a car thru an empty shopping mall, without even honking the horn. Maybe it’s a Trojan virus to replicate even more, and more advanced & smaller& deadlier versions of other insects, like spiders and even scarier stuff… isn’t this making you fearful? Wow… maybe it replaces your eyeballs with cameras and makes a drone out of you, and you pick your nose and accidentally inject yourself with a syringe full of h1n1ebolarfidrabiesmonosterilite, and yeah, I made that up. Actually, I first heard of this robot mosquito, and saw the exact same photo by the way, in another article, I think from Infowars or something. It claimed that the Borg mosquito was designed to deliver vaccines and was sponsored by Bill Gates. It doesn’t make a difference anyway unless you can stop it.

I remember in 2005, being told by my friend BUER and CHICO that U.A.V’s were watching them. I laughed at this, until the day i saw the U.A.V’s following me.

Nowadays in 2017 you can buy a U.A.V for $100.

Theyve been watching us for years.

Say goodbye to your freedoms, by 2021 privacy will be abolished completely.

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