There’s no doubt that Hong Kong is one of the world’s most Modern Cities in the world, with its Looming Skyscrapers and myriad of contemporary shopping malls. It’s home to some of the most current technological advancements and futuristic designs. However, it’s also host to some of the hippest retro haunts from record stores to vintage fifties diners.

I found it my duty as a producer to dig up some usable obscure samples nobody had heard of before. 

After two years living in HK, i 

Chinese LPS are very PRO- Communist, bad quality… and fucking annoying. I HATE THAT PHANTOM OPERA SQUEELING NOISE SOME OF THESE 60s – 70s CHINESE ARTISTS MAKE..

. Chinese music up to the 1980s was controlled entirely by the Communist Regime. 

Chinese music coming out of Taiwan however, is AWESOME..  Japanese LP’s musically sound sonically perfect compared to Chinese LP’s. Post war LP’s capture the feeling of Japan after being bombed by the Yanks.

Below is a short music video i directed. The beat was made from a sample i dug up from an old
Japanese Lp.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 4.31.00 pm

xiahbu digging in SHAM SHO PO

During the past decade vinyl has witnessed an astounding renaissance, and in the US alone, sales of records last year grew a massive 30 per cent to just under 12 million discs. This figure may only represent 5 per cent of all album sales, but it’s still an impressive achievement for a format most people believed had been killed off by the digital revolution.

Since 2007, this resurgence has been celebrated by International Record Store Day, a time to show appreciation for the many record dealers who toil in relative obscurity and, more often than not, poverty, to keep vinyl obsessives happy.


Who has the most records in Hong Kong? A Chinese refugee from Vietnam named Paul. He is married to a Filopino girl which i found quite strange because i too have a Chinese partner. But anyway he had the dopest selection of obscure vinyl ive ever seen. The only problem is there is no space to move around. He can only fit 3 customers max inside, so make an appointment first! Pauls a really good guy who loves music, he helped me find some DOPE samples.

I dug up some gems too which i uploaded to my OBSCURE SAMPOLOGY channel. Check em below.

Post war music from Japan is so inspiring … Definitely my cup of tea.

Japanese Funk is so DOPE.

As much an experience as a record shop, Vinyl Hero offers records for all tastes and budgets. But owner Paul Au’s heart belongs to American music of the 1960s and ‘70s. Ask to hear his record postcards from the ‘20s, but leave the day free: organisation is non-existent and Au loves a chat. 5/F Wai Hong Building, 239 Cheung Sha Wan Road, Sham Shui Po, tel: 9841 7136

The playlist below contains samples i dug up whilist in Asia. Enjoy!!


keep diggin homies! peace out. XIAHBU



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