this aint a hilltop..


Above photo was taken in Hong Kong . I lived there to get away from the epidemic that was menacing my home town, Brisbane. I couldn’t stop doing the wrong things and my brothers and sisters were losing their minds…. frizzled.

If my old man never punched me when I was 18..  I probably wouldn’t have moved to Queensland. But everything happens for a reason.

I wanted to be an Asian Gangster when I was 18. I was ruthless .. I guess I just left everyone I knew in Melbourne and had to start over again, For the 4th time.
When I left Melbourne I was pissed off at the world. Just finished high school.. I just wanted to breathe. 

Living with my old man sort of scared me. The bully of the ocean says the locals around Portland.

I can’t imagine the pain he went through when mom took my brother and I away from him…

He was the irrational over reactor with the back of a bear.. Hauling pots by himself on the ocean when he was my age  . making mad loot.

When he was 30 he began going to the Philippines and living the dream. Drinking beer and fucking Filipino chicks every night . 

One day he took me there , I was already 24 then.. he showed me the spots to go to .. It was the closest we’ve bonded since i was born . cheers.


 So every time dad goes to the Philippines I ask him to bring me. Not for the girls .. I also have boys over there .. And relatives.  fellow Bloods gang members .  . fellow MCs .. And my mom lives over there now ..

Mom was 19 when she met my old man. He had to court her and her five brothers first. ..  

Dad met mom one summer vacation . one year later out comes the half Asian.


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