Coronavirus liars?


Heres the link to the banned video from DAVID ICKE.

Watch It before it is deleted forever!AicxNJAIBahvihfadHwRWSqwh8xI

7 million people tuned into hear Davids theory on the virus..and youtube deleted it .. Why ?

The Google-owned service, said YOUTUBE will now delete videos violating their policies. ? On what ? discussing a virus effecting mankind ? Smh 😷

The move follows a live-streamed interview with conspiracy theorist David Icke on Monday, in which he had linked the NEW WORLD ORDER to the pandemic.😷

YouTube said the video would be wiped.

During the interview, Mr Icke claimed the virus was a hoax.


The man in the shadows controlling us all..
Hk is at a standstill its getting worse

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