Protests over police tactics and systemic racism that began almost two months ago began with the death of George Floyd.

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On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man died after a white officer holding his knee on Floyd’s neck pinned him to the pavement while Floyd was in handcuffs. In the days that followed, public outrage grew over what some protestors and lawmakers said is another case of police brutality against a black man. Unrest has since erupted in Minneapolis, where protesters have set fire to buildings, and in several cities across the country. The police officer was fired and has been charged with third-degree murder. Three other officers also have been fired. (Washington Post)


July 26.

Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said to her officers, not to risk their personal safety during protests because the Seattle City Council has taken away the traditional tools of crowd control.

Heres the email sent to all business owners and residents of Seattle.

Protests continue in Seattle .

Crazy times.. The end is near ..


… Black lives matter… White lives matter. .. All lives matter

Kanye West makes chaotic presidential rally debut in South Carolina.


This is utterly disturbing . I cant believe what im seeing.

Is it all a big distraction from the ‘Corona virus’ lockdown?

I loved Kanye West until he made that song with TAKESHI 6X9 .. ‘your such a fucken ho.. I love it ‘ .. That song is next level WHACK .

The Gangstalking Program

Anonymous former private security firm employee claims he worked on the program to gang stalk harass targeted individuals, until he himself could not accept how evil it was, turned whistle blower, and became a TI himself.

In this video put together by Builder Rejected channel this former gang stalking employee does a very good job explaining how society is now split between those on the “right” side of the technology weaponization, (i.e. voice-to-skull, directed energy weapons), and those on the “wrong” side, which is those who will not go along with the evil.

This is an Example of Gangstalking. It’s exactly what Gangstalking is except for some reason they’re doing it overtly here. You’ve got all the elements “Targeted Individuals” experience. Harassment by Noise Campaigns. Done by Emergency Officials and everyday people of this small community. The man in this Clip is actually having to take these people to court one by one. And the fact that no one is expediting this process for him is ridiculous. *** Please speak up about Gangstalking.
its happening.

“Mandatory mask mandate” hits Melbourne. Freedom is goneskee.


Members of the public in Hong Kong, France and parts of Australia have been ordered to wear masks when outside their homes, as governments around the world attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Infection rates and death tolls are rising.. allegedly.

The virus has now infected almost 14.5 million people worldwide and killed more than 605,000. (Helen Sullivan The Guardian)

“Most of us wouldn’t leave home without our keys, we wouldn’t leave our home without our mobile phone. You won’t be able to leave home without your mask,” said Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews.

Hobbs warned us of the virus last year… Hollywood subliminals..

But who doesn’t need to wear a mask?

Not everyone needs to wear a face covering. Reasons to not be covered include:

  • People with a medical reason
  • Children under 12 years of age
  • For professional reasons because it stops you doing your job, for example working in a call centre
  • A practical reason like when you go for a run

The Victorian Government says people must carry their face covering at all times to wear when they can.

The Premier also says “common sense should guide us”.

He says therefore you should take off your mask when entering a bank…

But why do you need to wear a mask?

Mr Andrews, the Victorian premiere says the new rule is “commonsense”, “relatively simple” and about “embedding behaviour” to bring COVID-19 case numbers down.

“We’re going to be wearing masks in Victoria and potentially in other parts of the country for a very long time,” he warns.

By Chanel Zagon

theories on the mask safety.

Staying inside is bad for your health. Wearing masks is bad for your health. Social distancing is bad for your health …. Whose making these rules?

Protect others from our germs?
Fight in Mcdonalds over the mask rule.

“If we can see high degrees of compliance, if we see people wearing masks then that will mean it is less likely that we will have to move to things like only having exercise in your own local postcode or things like saying you can only go shopping within a certain radius,” Premier Daniel Andrews

When will this nightmare end?

The Virgin Vaper

Hilarious and sad. taken from Anthony Brian Logan


A Georgia vape shop worker launched an explosive rant against a Trump-supporting customer and refused to serve him in a shocking incident all caught on video.

Ian Furgeson, 36, walked into Xhale City in Tucker on Friday to buy some items but quickly bumped heads with the store employee who asked him to leave just minutes after he entered the shop. Furgeson, sporting a MAGA hat and Trump shirt, then whipped out his phone and began to goad the store clerk.

‘I have just been asked to leave the store. He greeted me, that was nice. I did find the item that I wanted and the next thing he said was he’d like me to leave,’ Furgeson said. *ABL GAMING*… And follow my social media http://www.facebook.coBecausm/1776.logan ***MAGA Star Hat: ***Wooden Flags: –––––––––––––––––––––––

Crowhouse Channel on youtube deleted, for talking truths on the Pandemic . The ‘Corona Conspiracy’.

The madness continues .

Crazy times we are living in, first YOUTUBE deleted Alex Jones, then they deleted David Icke, and now they’ve deleted Crowhouse. !

Ive been following Crowhouse for the last 6 months. His Channel consisting of over 500 videos, deleted. 13 years of his lifes work has been terminated.

“The lockdown is killing more people than the pandemic has “.

“The lockdown is causing people to commit suicide, and plunged the economy into chaos.” – crowhouse

“They want to alter out DNA, with this new Vaccine which has been created in Queensland. ” According to Crowhouse.

and it looks true.

Freedom is the will to be responsible to ourselves. Friedrich Nietzsche

Spam ive been seeing during this 2020 crisis.

meanwhile in America…

Meanwhile Hong Kong has been taken over by the Communists and America is having protests for BLACK LIVES MATTER, over the death of George Floyd.

Meanwhile in Australia, Victoria is totally locked down…

false flag ? Maybe so.. but they are locking down certain suburbs , all police monitoring, searching, testing… taking rights away from civilians..Stay at home orders. Businesses in certain postcodes will be shut.
Crowhouse is such a big threat to the establishment. lol .  Hes an old man who lives in Australia on a farm.
Crowhouse is such a big threat to the establishment. lol . Hes an old man who lives in Australia on a farm.

“The illusion of freedom will continue for as long as it’s profitable to continue the illusion. At the point where the illusion becomes too expensive to maintain, they will take down the scenery, move the tables and chairs out of the way, then they will pull back the curtains and you will see the brick wall at the back of the theater.” – Frank Zappa

Crowhouse links are here from his new Youtube TheCrowhouse YouTube Archive on AltCensored:… BitCute… MeWe:… Hive: Twitter: @maxigan LinkedIn: LBRY: Minds: