Who was John Lang?

Does anyone Remember JOHN LANG from Fresno who claimed cops where trying to kill him and were stalking him and surveilling his house because he was exposing their crime ring .

He ended up dead ,stabbed to death and his house set on fire .

John Lang was killed by renegade police

Look into this story and you’ll find similarities to how these sheriffs operate.

He was an ex marine and he had several videos of these police out side his residence in the middle of the nite and throughout the month in plane clothing constantly in front of his house even in a van market carpet cleaning with a company name of some sort all in Lang’s front yard surveillance video.

They didn’t even get out and clean carpets anywhere in the neighborhood they just sat in the van taking photos of Lang’s house .

When private investigators looked up this carpet cleaning company they discovered it didn’t even exist.

The cops would pass by his house and play with his dog while they would observe and take photos of his front yard some say to condition his dog to not bark when they came back to break in days later . Lang said they would pass by his house every nite blaring their sirens at 3am which he caught on video to scare him .

He made several police reports to their superiors but all where ignored . About 6 of the officers in full uniform for no reason known to this day stood across the street from his house in the middle of the nite just conversing which was also caught on video as well .

Lang begged his friends to stay with him at his house as he told them the police where plotting to murder him and it was just a matter of time because he had made complaints about them and exposes them being crooked .

His neighbor was working with the police or payed off and asked him to come over one nite , Lang never spoke with his neighbor and even though it was weird he went over .

But when he tried to leave Langs neighbor and his neighbors friend who was also there both freaked out and blocked Lang from leaving . After Lang pushed his was out on Lang’s front yard camera you see his neighbor and his buddy chase after Lang yelling “John John why you going home John why you going home ?”

This was thought to be because the Coos had broken into his home and the neighbor was warning them Lang was returning . When Lang got home he found that his door lock had been tampered with and his computer and house phone where also tampered with .

He again made a report but got no response . Days later Lang’s house was on fire Lang was dead inside and when the fire department got there they said the front door was barricaded so they had a hard time getting to him . He was stabbed in the back and front about 15 times they said .

The coroner reported he was stabbed to death in the front and back 15 plus times but after the police showed two days later after the report was already out which is customary in most crimes the coroner changed his report to Lang only having stab wounds in the front only about 4-5 times and claimed they where self inflicted .

Lang’s death was chalked up to suicide his case was closed and never brought up again . To this day people who where following his story demand it be reopened and federally investigated but no one in Fresno’s government judges city lawyers and police will do so .

I mean how many other people have died been falsely arrested or targeted by gang member cops who basically run their cities .


And it’s so sad that unless your a city official you will never be heard or acknowledged but instead just swept under the rug to fade away with no hope . Having to deal with the outcome of running into these thugs that in some cases are permanently life changing …! Damn shame

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