Wuhan reopens

A video has emerged allegedly showing hundreds of swimmers in China’s former coronavirus epicentre WUHAN, crammed together for a massive pool party.

Hundreds of people can be seen packed shoulder-to-shoulder at a water park in the city of Wuhan where the killer Covid-19 pandemic began.

The video taken over the weekend at Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park suggest the carefree swimmers have forgotten about the infection risk posed by close contact, despite living in the first place to be ravaged by the virus.

They can be seen standing cheek by jowl as they watch a performance while cooling down amid searing summer heat. Others use inflatable rings and dinghies, but with little space to float about. But these shocking scenes are a far cry from the strict lockdown which was imposed on the central Hubei province city on January 23, when the killer bug began spiralling out of control.

The draconian measures stopped the movement of Wuhan’s 11million residents. All public transport, including buses, railways, flights, and ferry services was suspended and movement outside homes was restricted. The lockdown was lifted in April 8 — by which point the virus was ripping through western Europe and the United States.

Allegedly 3,000 perished in Wuhan from the airborne virus. But those living there reportedly believe about 42,000 people died. Others estimate more given the number of cremation urns being delivered to funeral homes. So far the pandemic has killed more than 770,000 people globally, with the western world bracing itself for a second wave.The Sun

i dont know what to believe anymore? it seems like the western world has more cases than China, just doesn’t seem right.

Who was John Lang?

Does anyone Remember JOHN LANG from Fresno who claimed cops where trying to kill him and were stalking him and surveilling his house because he was exposing their crime ring .

He ended up dead ,stabbed to death and his house set on fire .

John Lang was killed by renegade police

Look into this story and you’ll find similarities to how these sheriffs operate.

He was an ex marine and he had several videos of these police out side his residence in the middle of the nite and throughout the month in plane clothing constantly in front of his house even in a van market carpet cleaning with a company name of some sort all in Lang’s front yard surveillance video.

They didn’t even get out and clean carpets anywhere in the neighborhood they just sat in the van taking photos of Lang’s house .

When private investigators looked up this carpet cleaning company they discovered it didn’t even exist.

The cops would pass by his house and play with his dog while they would observe and take photos of his front yard some say to condition his dog to not bark when they came back to break in days later . Lang said they would pass by his house every nite blaring their sirens at 3am which he caught on video to scare him .

He made several police reports to their superiors but all where ignored . About 6 of the officers in full uniform for no reason known to this day stood across the street from his house in the middle of the nite just conversing which was also caught on video as well .

Lang begged his friends to stay with him at his house as he told them the police where plotting to murder him and it was just a matter of time because he had made complaints about them and exposes them being crooked .

His neighbor was working with the police or payed off and asked him to come over one nite , Lang never spoke with his neighbor and even though it was weird he went over .

But when he tried to leave Langs neighbor and his neighbors friend who was also there both freaked out and blocked Lang from leaving . After Lang pushed his was out on Lang’s front yard camera you see his neighbor and his buddy chase after Lang yelling “John John why you going home John why you going home ?”

This was thought to be because the Coos had broken into his home and the neighbor was warning them Lang was returning . When Lang got home he found that his door lock had been tampered with and his computer and house phone where also tampered with .

He again made a report but got no response . Days later Lang’s house was on fire Lang was dead inside and when the fire department got there they said the front door was barricaded so they had a hard time getting to him . He was stabbed in the back and front about 15 times they said .

The coroner reported he was stabbed to death in the front and back 15 plus times but after the police showed two days later after the report was already out which is customary in most crimes the coroner changed his report to Lang only having stab wounds in the front only about 4-5 times and claimed they where self inflicted .

Lang’s death was chalked up to suicide his case was closed and never brought up again . To this day people who where following his story demand it be reopened and federally investigated but no one in Fresno’s government judges city lawyers and police will do so .

I mean how many other people have died been falsely arrested or targeted by gang member cops who basically run their cities .


And it’s so sad that unless your a city official you will never be heard or acknowledged but instead just swept under the rug to fade away with no hope . Having to deal with the outcome of running into these thugs that in some cases are permanently life changing …! Damn shame

Kanye West makes chaotic presidential rally debut in South Carolina.


This is utterly disturbing . I cant believe what im seeing.

Is it all a big distraction from the ‘Corona virus’ lockdown?

I loved Kanye West until he made that song with TAKESHI 6X9 .. ‘your such a fucken ho.. I love it ‘ .. That song is next level WHACK .

The Gangstalking Program

Anonymous former private security firm employee claims he worked on the program to gang stalk harass targeted individuals, until he himself could not accept how evil it was, turned whistle blower, and became a TI himself.

In this video put together by Builder Rejected channel this former gang stalking employee does a very good job explaining how society is now split between those on the “right” side of the technology weaponization, (i.e. voice-to-skull, directed energy weapons), and those on the “wrong” side, which is those who will not go along with the evil.

This is an Example of Gangstalking. It’s exactly what Gangstalking is except for some reason they’re doing it overtly here. You’ve got all the elements “Targeted Individuals” experience. Harassment by Noise Campaigns. Done by Emergency Officials and everyday people of this small community. The man in this Clip is actually having to take these people to court one by one. And the fact that no one is expediting this process for him is ridiculous. *** Please speak up about Gangstalking.
its happening.


AUSTRALIAN underground HIP HOP artist and controversial film maker ‘xiahbu’ is back with something new..

“I’ve Always been a fan of Filipino rap. The language is so cool… its like machine gun fire when the Tagalog language cuts the track..”

Xiahbu says

“After living in the Philippines for half a year I learned that Filipinos are mega talented at music, and heavily influenced by American Rap… mainly TUPAC and BONE THUGS AND HARMONY..

The Tagalog dialect when rapped fast enough sounds similar to Bizzy Bone

the MKM ~ AN EXPERIMENT in ethnic diversity




Here we have a collection of tracks produced by xiahbu.. recorded with rappers from different nationalities, including Filipino, New Zealander, Sudanese Australian, Turkish and Indonesian.

xiahbu – “One of my goals in life was to go the Philippines and give something back.. Not money but music.

I knew there was heaps of talent to be found and real gangstas with real stories to tell.. So i packed up and left Australia and headed to the Philippines to pursue my dream.

TMACK and his producer RJEEZY

Tommy mystro and oblong

Tommy on the left features aswel as MC MYSTRO in the blue polo [in the photo we are barging into a trap house with a stiff front door] this was 2013.

“My cousin, an active BLOODS member in CEBU city, got me onto T-MACK, a fellow BLOOD and an MC with a huge following on the CEBU underground. ”

“So I met T-MACK at a night club and we clicked right away.. I brought him up to my HOTEL and we laid down a classic track right away”




XIAHBU SAYS “I wanted to do what RZA did with “The world according to RZA album” make a whole album with different MC’s from different ethnicities, mashed together over my own instrumentals”

The two MCS on the front cover are actually Brisbane based rappers GENG Z and KILIAS .

Geng Z is my brother from another mother . I met him in the ASIAN POOLHALL IN BRISBANE 2003.

“Back then in 2003.. we was some rascals.. Some brown kids in a white world .. Gengz knew everybody, he was linked up with FILIPINOS, VIETS, KAMBOS, CHINESE, FOBS, He was connected AND respected on the north and south, and always hadmy back since i moved to BRIZ.

“10 years later hed come around and visit, he watched me progress in the hip hop game.. always keen to jump on whatever beat i was working on 。”

GENG Z is currently incarcerared in a Brisbane City correctional facility .

Preview the.album below

Cop the mixtape here http://xiahbu.bandcamp.com/album/mkm

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history of the ‘SMILING ASSASSINS’

XIAHBU met CHICO aka KENNY KUDA, on the streets of Brisbane in 2002.


‘I used to see him around, this little Asian kid wagging school and smoking ciggies and shit.. He was fresh from Brooklyn New York, and I was fresh out of Rowville, Melbourne.’

Scan 8

Straight outta Melbourne. Multi cultural gang… haha.. Wogs, Skips, Columbian, Polish and a half breed Filipino/Aussie..




Scan 11

city rats in Brizzy








‘Sometimes after clubbing, we’d be in the city, and I see Chico walking around at like 4 in the morning… drinking and smoking.’

‘Chico would school me on new hip hop i should know about… ‘

‘One day CHICO gives me a CD, a mixtape he made with his brother Thahib, and little P. DABS.

IT WAS FUCKING DOPE ! A 6 track mix with raw as fuck lyrical skills over jacked beats.. At the time I couldn’t even understand how they did it…


The above video shows Chico’s rap skills… Undoubted king…2007

‘CHICOS CD would’nt leave my car for a long time… haha.. I didn’t even like Aussie Hip hop, but I guess Chico’s ‘New York’ influence over the tracks made it Dope as fuck.. ‘

‘Cocaine Cowboys (above) was filmed in 2009 and is featured on the SMILING ASSASSINS MIXTAPE.


in the lab..

“So In 2008 I was jacking loops and downloading the usual instrumentals…”

“Then after a year of jacking beats I couldn’t find anymore beats I liked.”

“I walked into a music store one day and saw the MPC for the first time. I was in awe. I was hardcore into the bizz and my pockets were phat so I fronted up the 2800$ and bought it .. this was 2009.”

“Chico pushed me to buy it, telling me all the BEST producers I loved like RZA and PETE ROCK used IT.. SO I had to do it there was no other way to get to the next level..”

small studio big songs

my homies Buer and Chico, my mentors and good mates… so skilled in the HIP HOP game


“My homie IDROE who was a DJ at the time turned me onto VINYL..
and I was hooked on digging in the crates…

“Trying to find samples nobody had used to feed into my MPC.”

“Now after 10 years of making beats I thought id better put out this MIXTAPE.. Just to show where it started.”


The video above ‘NEXT LEVEL’ is directed and produced by XIAHBU in 2010. 



Stay tuned more XIAHBU dropping this year .PEACE.

Hong Kong in SHAMBLES

There have been protests in Hong Kong almost everyday since I arrived… and I’ve been here for two weeks .. 

Two days ago the protest was happening at the airport, last night the protest was in Tai Po and Tsim Sa Shui.

Ive never seen Tsim Tsa Tsui, at a stand still as Nathan Rd is like the main vein through HK’s ‘central nervous system’ (in other words, its always busy as fuck..)

Double deca busses coming through! EVERY 5 seconds NO SHIT! its that busy!  


swarm.. Only someone who has seen Hong Kong can really understand the magnitude of that road… and today it was blocked…

Traffic was at a stand still on Nathan RD at 4.50pm ….. I got out of the cab and followed the MARCH….

I pulled out my camera… it really was a spectacle to see, a swarm coming towards me… a beautiful swarm.


Thousands, from all walks of life ,marching together in unity for what might be their last chance at democracy for Hong Kong… 


as far as I could see…

I could feel the vibe had changed… It was a lot different to the vibe of the Umbrella Movement in 2014.. Thats right I was there…

I was there till the end actually, when 6000 police stormed the Student Protest Base at CENTRAL HK, I was there.. There WERE 300 brave protesters WHO STAYED TO THE END AND ALL WERE ARRESTED..

And it was done and dusted.. Shit went back to normal, quick.

THE VIBE in August 2019… WELL… IT feels like you can cut the tension with a knife.. Like I’m standing there taking pictures on Nathan Rd and copping major greasy stares … 

I was told numerous times not to film, or take pictures… like wtf? It was getting to serious. Like ‘CUNT! Let me take a picture!’ Something doesn’t seem right ? I’mean you’re wearing a fucking mask and goggles and a fucking Scarf and a helmet!!! WHOSE GONNA RECOGNISE YOU ??

I didn’t like the hostility too …

it was like the Hong Kong protesters didn’t know who was on their side..

I thought the journalists were given a pass… But now the stakes have changed . Other players  have emerged… including Lawyers, Families, Bankers, Workers, The elderly ! Secret Police! Triads! Beijing undercover dressing like protesters… protesters dressing like they are about to do a break and enter .. 


revolution… really wish I had a spray can that day… haha


defiant anti-government protesters have adopted a “flash mob” strategy, as evidenced in their hit-and-run rampage against police across several districts over the weekend.

The protest was pretty chill.. a bit of a march , a couple barricades, a road or two blocked, a bin or two on fire, people were very respectful to each other and the streets.. AND THEN THE POLICE ARRIVED, they stormed the barricades, firing tear gas into the streets. 


calm before the storm..


I stood behind a mob of young Hong Kongers in an alleyway off Nathan RD, tear gas in my eyes and mouth. I ducked out of harms way….I saw police smashing/arresting anyone who stood in their path….




They came forward, we went back… and it went on like this FOR HOURS..

free hk

the fight for HK continues..


After hour’s of cat and mouse, I took off into the night…. saddened by the current situation in this beautiful city.. I pray a resolution comes soon, before the BEIJING ARMY STORM THROUGH..

Inside the Philippines’ Quezon City jail

Eye-opening images reveal the daily life of 3,800 inmates serving time behind the crowded walls of a notorious Philippines prison built for just 800.

Prisoners search for a corner of damp floor to squat against as they sleep, pick rusty nails and dead cockroaches out of their rations of food and suffer rashes and boils caused by the lack of ventilation and water. Inside Quezon City jail in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, there is a relentless and constant battle for space, water, food in an unhygienic facility. With 160 to 200 inmates crammed into a cell built for 20, men take turns to sleep on the cracked cement floor of an open-air basketball court, the steps of staircases, underneath beds and hammocks made out of old blankets. The prison was built six decades ago and houses prisoners whose cases are pending, according to the Inquirer. The images show the men in their day-to-day life, from bathing themselves to cooking their food and exercising in close, cramped conditions. Wearing their regulation yellow shirts, they also participate in group dancing contests, taking over the concrete basketball court and the walkway above. One former inmate at the Quezon City jail returned to the prison after studying criminal justice at the Southern Illinois University in the United States.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 7.01.15 pm.png

Raymund Narag says he was 20 when he was accused of a crime he did not commit, the murder of a young man in the Philippines, according to the GMA Network. Mr Narag served seven years, where he said he stayed in a cell with 30 other men instead of the intended five and lived off a diet of dried fish that he says barely sustained him. In his book ‘Freedom and Death Inside the Jail’, Dr Narag details the horrendous living conditions the inmates are subjected to and the fear that consumed him. ‘For almost seven years, I experienced death every waking moment of my life inside the jail,’ he said. Men are forced to sleep on any damp floor space they can find or in a squatted position – which causes some inmates to have a stroke – because of the severe overcrowding, he said. Inmates have deemed the food rations served at unusual hours throughout the day and night as ‘fit for pigs.’ Dr Narag said food rations are so small, and often can contain rusty nails and cockroaches, forcing the men to go hungry or steal other inmates food..

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 7.01.28 pm.png

The dirty conditions, lack of food, sweltering heat and no ventilation within the cells causes numerous inmates to become ill or develop rashes and boils, he said. ‘Inmates are prone to contagious diseases because of the poor living conditions in their cells. They sleep in overcrowded, poorly ventilated cells. The supply of potable water is very limited. Food rations have inadequate nutritional content. Sick and healthy inmates are grouped in the same cells.’ ‘Every month in Quezon City Jail, around two to five inmates die of illness,’ he said. Severe boredom also causes the men to become depressed and heightens mental health issues.



Dr Narag describes an inmate called Francis in his book, saying that his story is just one of thousands of similar tales from within the jail. Francis was accused of molesting a girl but claimed his innocence and was sent to Quezon while awaiting trial. ‘…He found himself in a 30-square meter cell,m which he was to share with 180 inmates. The airless room reeked of stink – a heady mix of sweat, garbage, unwashed clothes. No bed or sleeping mat was in sight, only a small, vacant corner offering him two options so he could get some sleep – stand against the wall or squat on the damp floor.’ Dr Narag said he left the jail in 2002 after seven years, determined to talk about the horrors he had seen. ‘A walk through the cells in Quezon City Jail makes one realize how far behind the normal jail standards the penal institution lags.’



2018 has been a dreadful year… Sadly Dad passed away in March.. And Ive had mixed emotions about everything in life..

Anyways… this mixtape is just a bit of fun … freestyles and beats are all on that analogue tip, CUT AJENT DOES A COUPLE CUTS HERE AND THERE.. … BE SURE TO COP THE ALBUM “FEED THE CHILDREN” DROPPIN LATE 2018




droppin soon

The Album “Feed the children” will be available christmas . Please support.

xiah- pendukllm

feed the children mixtape