“Mandatory mask mandate” hits Melbourne. Freedom is goneskee.


Members of the public in Hong Kong, France and parts of Australia have been ordered to wear masks when outside their homes, as governments around the world attempt to stem the spread of Covid-19.

Infection rates and death tolls are rising.. allegedly.

The virus has now infected almost 14.5 million people worldwide and killed more than 605,000. (Helen Sullivan The Guardian)

“Most of us wouldn’t leave home without our keys, we wouldn’t leave our home without our mobile phone. You won’t be able to leave home without your mask,” said Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews.

Hobbs warned us of the virus last year… Hollywood subliminals..

But who doesn’t need to wear a mask?

Not everyone needs to wear a face covering. Reasons to not be covered include:

  • People with a medical reason
  • Children under 12 years of age
  • For professional reasons because it stops you doing your job, for example working in a call centre
  • A practical reason like when you go for a run

The Victorian Government says people must carry their face covering at all times to wear when they can.

The Premier also says “common sense should guide us”.

He says therefore you should take off your mask when entering a bank…

But why do you need to wear a mask?

Mr Andrews, the Victorian premiere says the new rule is “commonsense”, “relatively simple” and about “embedding behaviour” to bring COVID-19 case numbers down.

“We’re going to be wearing masks in Victoria and potentially in other parts of the country for a very long time,” he warns.

By Chanel Zagon

theories on the mask safety.

Staying inside is bad for your health. Wearing masks is bad for your health. Social distancing is bad for your health …. Whose making these rules?

Infowars.com https://banned.video/watch?id=5f0e4174677a7f01e923d485

Protect others from our germs?
Fight in Mcdonalds over the mask rule.

“If we can see high degrees of compliance, if we see people wearing masks then that will mean it is less likely that we will have to move to things like only having exercise in your own local postcode or things like saying you can only go shopping within a certain radius,” Premier Daniel Andrews

When will this nightmare end?

Woman fined $2000 in Brisbane for breaking quarantine

A woman has spent a night behind bars and been fined $2000 after breaching ‘Coronavirus self-quarantine’ at a Queensland hotel because no fresh towels were sent to her room.

Anna Carter, 45, was supposed to be in two weeks of self-isolation at the Ibis Brisbane Airport Hotel after arriving from NSW, Brisbane Magistrates Court was told on Thursday.

Anna Carter was supposed to be in self-isolation at the Ibis Brisbane Airport Hotel. Anna Carter was supposed to be in self-isolation at the Ibis Brisbane Airport Hotel. But police found her outside the hotel on Wednesday, one day after she was given a $1300 fine for leaving her room to buy a Band-Aid.

She told officers the hotel was not replacing her towels each day and she had checked out.

“She had no real reason to be absent from the hotel,” a police prosecutor told the court.

“We are all aware of just how urgent the [COVID-19] situation is and the importance of self-quarantine, especially when directed to by a public health official or police.”


even going to the store is now a crime.

A day earlier,

Carter was found at the Fortitude Valley railway station. She told officers there that she had left her room to buy a Band-Aid because she had a blister on her foot. They returned her to the Ibis Hotel, but by 8am the next day, she had checked out. Police found her five hours later back in Fortitude Valley.

She told police she had checked into a city hotel and was at the railway station to withdraw cash at an ATM.

Carter was arrested and spent the night at the police watchhouse in Brisbane before appearing in court. She pleaded guilty to one charge of failing to comply with a COVID-19 direction.

Magistrate Stephen Courtney said her conduct was selfish and immature. “Significant effort and expense have been gone to because of people like Ms Carter, because the community can’t be confident [they] will do the right thing,” he said. Carter was fined $2000 and a conviction was recorded.

Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll said the case was one of the worst examples she had seen of people breaching COVID-19 regulations.

About 300 fines have been issued to people who have ignored social distancing measures in Queensland.

Written by Xiahbu & Aaron Bunch from ABC Australia.



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